The families of Twelve Stones gather as friends in the pursuit of academic excellence to honor God.  Families in the Colorado Springs area interested in the classical model of education, a Biblical worldview, and the support of a caring Christian community, are invited to click the links above to inquire about openings




Our families employ the time-tested and proven educational method known as the Trivium.  This teaching method is geared to meet students where they are and challenge them to their best work. The Trivium may be described as three coordinated stages: Grammar, Dialectic, and Rhetoric.  The important sets of skills emphasized in each of these stages equip students with the "tools of learning."


We teach with a "Christian worldview" presenting all subjects from the perspective that the Bible is the source document of Truth.  Each subject is presented as a purposeful part of Creation and an opportunity to know the Creator even better.  



Helpful websites and our favorite resources will be listed here. soon.